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December 17th 2015 
Modern life causes 90% of cancers' 
Oliver Moody, Science Correspondent 'The Times'

Up to nine in ten common cancers are caused by the way people live rather than faulty genes, research has found!

'It definitely means that many, many cases of cancer could be easily avoided.  We have power over extrinsic factors.'
'We can make changes like not smoking, having a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight.  If people make those choices you cannot guarantee that there won't be cancer cases, but you can really improve the odds' Emma Smith, senior science information officer at Cancer Research UK

Prevention is better than cure
'Our Food Should Be Our Medicine. Our Medicine Should Be Our Food'
Hippocrates (460BC-377BC)
Therapeutic Nutrition Based Upon Biochemical Individuality.
Linus Pauling, Molecular Biologist, two times Noble Prize Winner coined 'Orthomolecular Medicine' in 1968!
Orthomolecular Medicine describes the practise of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body.
Using the right molecules in the right amount based on clients individual biochemistry in the form of taylor-made diet
and supplement plans.
Cancer & Other Degenerative Diseases
Charity Taster Day 7th May in aid of Cancer Care went really well.
Thankyou everybody who took part.
We have a double page spread in ETC Magazine (Covering Eastbourne and East Sussex)
Pick up a copy locally or press link below for digital magazine page 20/21.
There will be pictures of the Cancer Care Charity Taster Day
next month in the June edition of ETC Magazine.
Go to page 132
The first medical revolution of the 21st century!
See for yourself.  Showed this video to my June WLG's 2010 groups and they were blown away.
William Li, co-founder of Angiogenesis Foundation talks about how we can stay healthy by eating healthy. 
Mother Nature provides the best medicine
Prevention is Better Than Cure.
It is a lot easier to tackle cancer and other degenerative diseases with prevention.
Looking after ourselves so we don't get ill in the first place.

This includes adopting positive lifestyle changes and choosing foods which give you the maximum benefit, providing the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes the body needs to perform its many tasks.
Never say Never
Its never to late to start a new healthier way of life.
For those of you already with degenerative disease and want to make positive changes to help improve the quality of your life. 
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"Food Matters" Trailer (You Are What You Eat!)

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